Intermodal Transportation

Connecting freight sources and centers to the railway stations is one of the most important issues in intermodal transportation. Completing this link in its service chain, Rail Pardaz Seir has been able to deliver outstanding services to its customers, eliminating their concerns about intermodal transportation (road-rail) in departure and destination points.

Rail Transportation of Shipments

RPS owns 1024 high-sided freight wagons and has rented an additional 500 wagons and can transport a total of three million tons of various railway shipments per year.

Issuance of Bill of Lading

The ability to issue a B/L from any domestic departure point to all locations in Iran is another indicator of the comprehensiveness and integrity of the RPS services.

Logistics Services

A variety of logistics services, including loading, unloading, warehousing, logistics engineering, logistics consulting, urban transportation and depot are among the distinguishing features of RPS in rail transportation industry in Iran.

Real-time Mobility Information

Using the latest information is provided by RPS digital tracking systems, it is possible for the customers to obtain real-time information on the status of their shipments throughout the route.

Railway transportation consulting

The high level of academic knowledge of RPS managers and staff, who consist of graduates of the only Faculty of Railway Engineering in the Middle East, as well as experienced and skilled individuals from the railway industry, has resulted in offering the customers the best transportation solutions and providing them with informed consultation.

Credit transportation

Trusting customers is a high priority for RPS and through signing long-term contracts; it is offering the customers credit transportation as an advantage.