17 , Sep , 19
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Increase in HRAIL Investment in Rail Transport Industry


Ravand-e-bourse daily paper, an independent daily of the capital market, wrote in a report:

Rail Pardaz Seir Co. is trying to become the first comprehensive rail transport holding of the country and to increase its investment in rail passenger transport industry by 2000 billion rials.

The measure has been taken according to a five-year strategic goal setting by the Company’s Board of Directors in order to boost business and increase profits to the shareholders, Ravand-e-bourse daily reported today.

To achieve this aim, Rail Pardaz Seir Co. (PJS) has put diversification of the products and services to the customers on the agenda in order to become the first comprehensive rail transport holding in freight, passenger and international transit fields.

It is worth mentioning that Rail Pardaz No Afarin Co. owns five-star Fadak passenger trains and has approximately 10000 billion rials in assets.

This news item was reported in Ravand-e-bourse emrouz daily on 17th September 2019.