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Setting a Record, with a Flavor of Productivity 


New record-breaking performance of the Rail Pardaz Seir Co. (PJS) in the year 1397 (Mar 2018 – Mar 2019)

The company achieved an unprecedented growth of 59 percent in the year 1397, having transported 2,010,810,672 ton-kilometers of different cargos, compared to 1,266,784,466 ton-kilometers in the year 1396 (Mar 2017 – Mar 2018). This is important since much of the growth has been driven by increased productivity of the Company’s owned wagons, such that compared to the year 1396, in the year 1397 the productivity of each owned wagon (annual ton-kilometer carriage of each wagon) increased by 47 percent, from 1,100,000 ton-kilometers to 1,600,000 ton-kilometers.